Book PR

As a leading Book PR agency, we work with all genres and promote first-time authors and even traditional authors. Our main goal is to spark awareness of the authors and the book they write. Either they are hired by publishers or sometimes directly by authors; but whatever the situation is we will talk you through the process and help you to know from our end.

Through this, influencer marketing is the key that sends a message across the audience through the key leaders who are established in their respective domain. Influencers are the people who have earned the trust if the people by excelling in their field and we help them to achieve their goal. At LimeLight Brand Solutions, we have a line of people who are willing to assist in your book and reach out to the potential audiences.

We have experience that will help in circulating the message throughout the people and they will become an audience for a lifetime. Whether it is making calls or building a network or the use of social media – we know all ways that make us one of the leading Book PR in Delhi.

Over the years, working with great publicists and authors, we have realized how a Book PR firm can help an author in the initial time and this is what makes us a great catch. We understand the needs of new as well as traditional authors and cater as per their requirements. Over the years, this has become our niche and we assure you the best services on our part. We assure the easy availability of book to the readers; our services are the main attraction and we would like to assist you, in the long run, to help you with your book.