Celebrity PR

Representing a celebrity and promoting him/her to the public may sound like a fascinating job, and in many ways it is. But the PR agency for a celebrity also has a tough job where they have to fix negative press and make sure the icon is always on top of the latest news. As a Celebrity PR firm for a celebrity never has real downtime and must be available at a moment’s notice if a crisis occurs.

Handling a celebrity in the time of the crisis is an essential task. It can be either a short task or even a long one and as a Celebrity PR, we should be ready for whatever comes in our way. As a PR agency, we know how to respond to media inquiries and calm down the public, while also coming up with strategies to get the celebrity constructive media coverage that overshadows the bad.

Being a leading Celebrity PR in Delhi we are up for fixing Internet goofs, which also involves managing the celebrity’s online accounts. Celebrities have numerous social media accounts, including Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, and even Instagram accounts. The PR may be in charge of making tweets for the celebrity, handling sponsored tweets that can pay thousands of dollars or even more and posting appropriate photos on Facebook. The representative might even post funny videos on YouTube that can go viral and bring in extra exposure for the client.

LimeLight Brand Solutions is the best celebrity PR firm in Delhi and has a niche in finding opportunities for celebrities to make public appearances. This means either photo shoots or red carpet appearances for award shows or movies promotions. It can also mean setting up interviews with popular magazines or giving a speech at a charity event. The PR representative should be constantly working new angles and making new contacts that can help get the celebrity’s name attached to worthwhile causes and special events.