Digital Marketing

Digital marketing firm and other firms uses digital marketing as a tactic used by brands to maximize their online presence through building relationships with writers and journalists to gain citations & high-quality backlinks. Digital PR, when done correctly, maximizes the reach to the potential audience and has a positive effect on search engine visibility. This is through effective onsite SEO to drive referral traffic.

As a PR agency that requires using the basis of Digital Marketing agency, we understand that the two important things for business are trust and credibility, conversion rates and ROI. Effective PR can be measured by annotating the hits in Google Analytics and measure the referral traffic gained by the Digital PR.

We use Google Analytics to interpret the PR hits that will be used to measure the spikes in referral traffic metric generated by PR hits. We also keep an eye on the organic search traffic as the keywords should be included in the PR pieces to attract more traffic & conversions. Google URL builder is another tool that can be used to tag the PR campaign links as it will allow getting a view on bounce rate, conversion data, and all other standard Google Analytics data.

Just like these, there are a lot of tools which we will use to make strategy and help you attain results that will prove beneficial for your brand & services. These include monitoring your website’s backlink profile and this is the result your site will get.

Having the best experts of Digital Marketing in Delhi for our PR agency, we know that high domain authority is a hit within a site and it includes a natural link to the brand’s site. The key factor for our great services is that we make sure our readers are directed to something they are expecting to see. Over the years, digital marketing has evolved and we can see that the content we see is visible only because of the various techniques of digital marketing.