Education PR

When it comes to education limelite media has the more experienced team of PR and marketing experts to advise any University, college and schools on and schools on their PR, marketing and student recruitment strategies.

Limelite media has an intimate knowledge of each market and we can advise you on the most effect use of your marketing budget. We are here to help you optimise the return on your marketing investment.

We do all the PR activity but our specilization area is Education PR. Because we have a specilized team who are expert in educational PR and marketing.

We are innovators in digital media providing colleges, universities and Government bodies with sophisticated web marketing campaigns.We also provide the educational sector everything from PR to advertising services, direct mail to event management and publications to brand creation and development.

We always think local not global. A campaign that’s right for for Delhi may jar in Ahmedabad. A campaign that works in Mumbai may fail dismally in Dehradun. We can help you with corporate, student and public affairs campaigns ensuring you promote the ethos of your brand.