Health Care PR

As you know “health is wealth” and today every one is more conscious about it. Today in the age of modernization and globalization health is under extreme pressure. Weather it is in urban life or in rural region. Over the past decade, aging populations, pandemics of infectious and lifestyle-related diseases, and advances in medical technology have created a massive unmet demand for health and healthcare. And now the worst economic climate in decades is exacerbating this crisis.

Concurrently, there has been an increase in interactions among disparate publics. Fueled by digital technology, people are now empowered to freely and fluidly discuss business and societal issues that previously were not part of popular culture and conversation. Together, these forces have created a new, complex operating climate for organizations involved in health, one that is constantly being shaped by the public’s engagement in it. Because health is pivotal to personal and societal well-being, everyone is not only a health stakeholder but also has multiple stakes in health (e.g., as consumer, patient, citizen, professional, advocate, caregiver) and is a member of multiple health publics.

Limelite media works with clients involved in health to make deeper, more fluid, and open connections with their publics; engage with individuals with cognizance of their multiple health stakes; and influence personal, professional and policy decisions without seeking to control them. We partner with clients to understand and address the expectations of clients’ particular publics, as well as society as a whole, while ensuring that their publics appreciate the benefits of their products and services, as well as the critical role that they play in advancing personal and public health.

Health care PR
Healthcare PR is handling the internal and external communications for a health care facility. Interacting with physicians, nurses, managers, administrators, and patients is important. Some of their responsibilities include writing for internal publications such as newsletters, handling calls from the media, as well as writing and creating various material that promote the services offered at that facility. The most important function of ours is handling all communications with the public. During the entire process of our pro and interactive association, we have worked in very close association with our partners in achieving key predefined objectives by establishing effective liaison with medical specialists, hospital care and consumer sectors including related stakeholders. We dared to stick to ‘Healthcare PR’ when the market was very ripe and not so promising as much as it is today!

Healthcare PR’ and expanded in many verticals but within the domain of Healthcare & Life Sciences. It would not be an overstatement if we are termed as Pioneers and Torch-bearers of ‘Healthcare PR’ in India, at least for this decade and many more to come…